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Patient had Verruca on RF 1st toe

May 2022 

Persistent Cryothearapy treatments and all CLEAR within 9 months

Patient had Verruca on LF 1st toe

March 2022 

1 Cryothearapy treatment and all CLEAR within 16 weeks


Verruca treatments are over the counter however most are not very effective. The condition is extremely contagious and can be very painful. Removing the callous (hard skin) can help with comfort, however patients need advice and help to minimise the replication of the virus infected area. 

Sara uses Cryotherapy to freeze the Verruca/Verrucae.

Patient had verruca on LF1st toe

for appx 5 years 2017 - 2022 

8 weeks of treatment and all CLEAR


Patient came to Sara at

The Southdown clinic Harpenden for Cryotherapy treatment on LF1st toe

and is  now clear after 8 wks of treatment  & Amazed !!

Patient was a young lady appx 25 yrs old had so many Verrucae as had spread all over both feet.  Within 7 months with Cryotherapy treatment has cleared completely and patient is so happy with results

All 3 photos show Clear results of

Both feet after Cryotherapy treatment 

with Sara at the Southdown Clinic 

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