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What the Patients say :

Foot Health Practitioner

 4.9 (15 Ratings) (5 Ratings)

Sara - miracle worker!


Sara - miracle worker. Thirteen years of ignoring a fungal nail infection led to unsightly black toe nails which I was embarrassed to expose to the view of other people. The clearanail treatment took a while but the results have been spectacular. I can now go swimming, sunbathing etc without having to cover my feet. It also helps that Sara is a very pleasant, personable woman who makes you feel comfortable and gives good advice. Thank you.


Painless and it works!

The fungal nail infection started years ago in my big toe nail. Ignored it, got worse of course. Bought over the counter treatments after expensive treatment and gave up when I couldn't see any difference. Years later I decided I wanted to do something about it as my last clear nail got infected. Did some searching and found Sara and boy what a good thing that was! Firstly Sara is lovely and made me feel comfortable, no judgements just put me at ease. What I really appreciated was the way Sara was upfront and clear about how long it would take to see results and to achieve clear nails. The professionalism and knowledge of her practices was outstanding and I thought the pricing was way worth it. I had the Clearanail treatment and didn't feel a thing! Fantastic! After 5 months one of my nails is practically clear and the others are showing clear signs of improvement and I couldn't be happier. If you want to be able to trust someone to treat you, you cannot go wrong with Sara!


Clearanail Works !

My toenails were looking really unsightly & I had got to the point where I couldn't cut them anymore . So pleased I came to see Sara, although I was nervous about the treatment being painful , Sara completely put me at ease & glad to say there was absolutely no discomfort at all.


Clearanail treatment experience

Sara has been so Amazing from start to finish! She's advised me all the way & I can't thank her enough!!!

Clearanail really works people !!!!!


Sara explained to me on my first visit the treatment would take time to be totally effective. I can see a vast improvement. Cannot wait til next summer to hopefully paint my toenails . Treatment does not hurt & i know what to expect from Sara.

Would highly recommend.


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I am delighted with Sara's Clearanail treatment It Works ! & it was painless.

It has worked more quickly than Sara anticipated. Thoroughly recommended.

Its Wonderful not to have ugly nails anymore & i will be able to wear pretty sandals again.


I enjoy my appointments with Sara.

She is friendly & professional. I've had a problem with my big toenail which Sara has explained the options available.

Thankyou Sara


My feet always feel like they have had a treat after visiting Sara, She always enquires & attends to the problems & treats them with care.  A pleasant experience Always !


Fantastic treatment and result.

I presented to Sara 10 months ago with a fungal nail infection in both feet. As both my big toes were badly discoloured, one of them completely opaque, she advised the Clearanail treatment and gave advice about foot hygiene. This was never going to be a quick fix, but I am thrilled that both toes are now almost completely clear and will be so in the next couple of months.
Sara is welcoming, friendly and always professional. I have complete faith in her foot practice and have no hesitation in recommending her.


Outstanding service and results!

Really good service! So happy with the results, my athletes foot was with me for years but with Sara’s treatment it has finally gone! Clear Instructions were given from the start, and you will guaranteed see results if you stick to what you are advised to do. I highly recommend this to anyone with a fungal foot infection. I was recommended through a friend and we are both chuffed with the service and results!

Thank you Sara all the best!


The nails were always coming off, now the nails are more solid, since having clearanail. Really happy so far with the outcome.


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